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We are always looking for coaches and volunteers for our organization. Dedicated coaches and volunteers are the lifeblood of any amateur sport program. The VBHC Challenge Team recognizes this and is looking for motivated individuals who will lend their time, effort, and expertise to make a difference in the community.
VBHC Challenge Team Coaches and Volunteers Program Overview
Begin the process by contacting the VBHC Challenge Team Coaching Director by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button to the right. After we receive your email you will be contacted about scheduling a short interview with the organization’s representatives
Coaches and volunteers will be required to read and sign a code of ethics as part of their entry into the VBHC Challenge Team organization. Lack of awareness or misunderstanding of general principles of ethical standards included in this Code will not excuse violations of the Code.  

You may find the Code of Ethics signature document Here.  Bring this form with you to the applicant interview.  Click Here for more background on the USA Hockey Coaching Ethics Code.
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Coaches and Volunteers Registration and Screening Process
Coaches and Volunteers must submit and pass a personal background screen before they will be allowed to participate in any organization activities. This can be done concurrently with the interview process.

Please read instructions before clicking on the Protect Youth Sports link.

Step 1:  Check the PVAHA Screened Volunteer Database to see if you have a current background screening. If your name is listed, you are current and do not need another background screening .

Step 2:  Know your USA Hockey Association Registration Number. Our association number is VAH2018

Step 3:  (Coaches) Coach CEP Number. If you do not know your CEP Number, go to the USA Hockey CEP Certification List.

Step 4:  Know your 2014/15 USA Hockey Online Registration Confirmation Number. If you do not know your Confirmation Number, follow the USA Hockey Registration link. 

If not already registered with USA Hockey for the 2014/15 season, follow the Step 4 link to initiate your registration. Non coach volunteers can register with USA Hockey for free.

Step 5:  Follow the Protect Youth Sports Web site link.  

  • This opens a page with a listing of PVAHA Member Associations. Select your association (Hampton Roads Youth Hockey Association).  If coaching with 2 clubs pick your primary association.
  • After selecting a PVAHA Member Association a subpage will open on the right showing a list of available volunteer positions (i.e. coach, team manager, locker room monitor etc.). 
  • Select an appropriate position and a new page will open with fields for entry of identification information. Provide the information requested and click next.
  • The final page will ask several questions including 
        a) Your USA Hockey online registration number
        b) Coach CEP number
        c) Several DMV questions

Step 6:  Complete your application.
VBHC Challenge Team coaches and volunteers must register with USA Hockey. USA Hockey has three registration categories: Ice Player & Coaches, Ice Managers & Volunteers, and Ice Officials (Referees). Coaches must complete Coaching Education Program (CEP) level training and the Age-Specific modules found on USA Hockey’s website. Age-Specific modules will be available after September in the year you complete the clinic. Both Coaches and Volunteers must complete and submit a background screening request and read and sign the Code of Ethics. The steps to completing this process are:
Background Screening Process
USA Hockey Screening Policy

It is the policy of USA Hockey that it will not authorize or sanction in its programs that it directly controls any volunteer or employee who has routine access to children (anyone under the age of majority) who refuses to consent to be screened by USA Hockey before he/she is allowed to have routine access to children in USA Hockey’s programs. Further, it is the policy of USA Hockey that it will require its affiliates to adopt this policy as a condition of its affiliation with USA Hockey, and it is a policy of the Inline Hockey Program that it will require its sanctioned leagues to adopt this policy as a condition of its sanctioning. 

1. Register with USA Hockey as an Ice Player & Coach, or as a Volunteer.  Go to the registration page by clicking on the USA Hockey logo to the right.

2. Coaches and prospective Coaches must create a Coach Login at usahockey.com, then sign up for the appropriate CEP Level Training.  You must have a Coach Login to sign up for CEP sessions.  Click Here to find a session near you.

3. Coaches and Volunteers must complete and submit the background screening form (see the process below).

4. All Coaches must be coach certified at the appropriate level by December 31st.  All head coaches must be certified at the proper level for their age group and all other coaches must be at least CEP Level One certified.  If you have never Coached, you will need to complete the CEP Level One certification.

5. All Coaches will need to complete the Age-Specific Module when released by USA Hockey.

6. All Coaches and Volunteers must complete USAH SafeSport training

7. All Coaches and Volunteers must read and sign the Code of Ethics
Coaches and Volunteer Code of Ethics
Contact Us
If you have any questions about this process or if you should register as a Coach or Volunteer, please click the Contact Us button to the right.
A person may be disqualified and prohibited from serving as an employee or volunteer of USA Hockey if the person has: 

1. Been convicted (including crimes the record of which has been expunged and pleas of “no contest”) of a crime of child abuse, sexual abuse of a minor, physical abuse, causing a child’s death, neglect of a child, murder, manslaughter, felony assault, any assault against a minor, kidnapping, arson, criminal sexual conduct, prostitution related crimes or controlled substance crimes. 

2. Being adjudged liable for civil penalties or damages involving sexual or physical abuse of children. 

3. Being subject to any court order involving any sexual abuse or physical abuse of a minor, including but not limited to domestic order or protection. 

4. Had their parental rights terminated. 

5. A history with another organization (volunteer, employment, etc.) of complaints of sexual or physical abuse of minors. 

6. Resigned, been terminated or been asked to resign from a position, whether paid or unpaid, due to complaint(s) of sexual or physical abuse of minors. 

7. Has a history of other behavior that indicates they may be a danger to children in USA Hockey 
Virginia Beach Hockey Club Challenge Team Inc 

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Contact the Webmaster at:
        USA Hockey Registration
        Protect Youth Sports
        USAH SafeSport
Step 1.  See if you are current
Step 2.  Our Association Number is VAH2018
Step 3. Coaches Only - Look up your CEP #
Step 4. Register, or get a duplicate copy.
Step 5. Click to begin the screening process
You will need to complete SafeSport Training to participate in this program